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How We Started

Each extraordinary journey commences with one step. Ours began in a humble Atlanta home office in 2020 From a basic concept, we've grown into a worldwide influence, empowering learners, and educators globally. Every update and new edition signify progress in our dedication to fostering accessible, top-tier education.

How it works

When a client posts a job, a timer is activated and several coins is required to access the job, The higher the demand for a certain piece of work the more the coins required to access. The price will ultimately drop after 36 hours, and any tutor will be free to contact the client. Alternatively, you can buy the premium package to contact the client.

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Our tutors

Achieving the ideal equilibrium between student and tutor requirements can be subtle. Add the constant threat of spammers and aggressive marketers, and the task becomes even more challenging. However, at Tewamhire.com, we've successfully developed a system that deters misuse while maintaining a respectful and user-friendly environment.
Our multi-faceted strategy requires every tutor on our platform to complete an extensive profile and thoroughly describe their teaching approach. This process ensures that only the most dedicated educators join our community.
Additionally, we've structured our services to promote respectful interactions. Students/clients can contact up to three tutors for free; any further contacts require students to buy coins or purchase a premium plan. While this may seem contrary to our commitment to providing accessible services, it is a necessary measure to prevent misuse and uphold the integrity of our platform.
Tutors on our platform must write a minimum 100-word description of their teaching methodology. While this may seem challenging; it encourages our tutors to think creatively and share their unique teaching approaches. This helps them stand out and offers students a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

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