Refund Policy

This refund policy applies if you are dealing directly with Tewamhire staff. If you are dealing with students and teachers listed on the website, please see the terms and conditions.

Coin Purchase
No refund is given on purchased coins.

Money deducted but didn't get coins?
If the money was deducted but you didn't get coins, you will get a refund automatically from your bank within a maximum of 14 days - it usually happens much faster in most cases. If we do get the money (usually happens within a day), we will credit coins in your account and send you a confirmation email when that happens.

When teachers contact a student
If a teacher contacts a student whose phone isn't verified, and the student doesn't read the message within 15 days, we refund coins for that. We also give refunds if teachers spend coins on fake/spam/scam jobs automatically.

When student contact teachers
Coins used to contact a tutor, free or paid, are not refunded if you are unable to reach the tutor for whatever reason.